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This Community is dying...but

Hey you guys, I just wanted to shout out and say thanks for being great friends.
Luis- You are F***ing hilarious, math is lame and you make it better, so does Lindsay. Thank you for being so cool, Onizuka style. My vibrating phone gives me happiness haha. LOL we will have the best band EVER!!!!
Ashley- I am so glad I said I liked your Buffy book, if not than I wouldn't have gotten to know someone as nice as you. I wouldn't have stayed up watching Porkys with you lol peewee, "no i'm bigwee", being insanely high on life with you after school!!remember the crazy dance?, etc. So thank your book for being itself. You are Awesome!
Annancka- OMG you are the coolest, we have so many crazy memories. Gackt arguing with himself in Mizerable! I miss you so much, can't wait till your ungrounded. When I move you can come over every day if you want lol remember your my sister.
Brenda- Just hearing about people talk about you is cool. People in West really love you, You sound awesome, I need to get to know you. Thank you for Pimping this site.
Bex- I ate the lil birdy, lol I can't believe i remembered that. You are the greatest friend to have. World History and English wouldn't be the same without you.
This community might die but meh. Just wanted you guys to know you are cooly.
Love<Peace Rei
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