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Hey Peoplez!!!

Okay movie this Friday!!!! The Ring 2 comes out, everyones invited that won't start shit!!! So call me because that includes everyone here. My number (630) 217-9559
I don't know what theatre it'll be probably Stratford or Yorktown.
<<<<333 Rei
P.S. Comment too!!
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I am so going because it was kinda my idea....In a way....
I'm going!!! lole, yea. i love mai layout and icon...
i want to be a part of this thingie!!! if you dont want me to, thats just looks kool
Just saw this, it's months since you've commented. You may or may not see this but yeah!!! Just add the community like you would add a friend, and at the top it says something like Join this community? Click on it, it's in the user info. This is Rachel by the way.
Later Jaffrine
P.S. This community kinda died.